Stem Cell Therapy

Friendswood, TX

Do you have a pet with a chronic health issue? Does your pet suffer from arthritis, nagging injuries, or other ongoing medical problems? Are you searching for an alternative to costly and uncomfortable surgeries and drug regimens for your dog or cat? More and more pet owners are turning to stem cell therapy as a treatment alternative for their animals' ongoing health issues. During the stem cell therapy procedure, a veterinary health professional extracts your pet's cells and uses them to help your pet's tissues heal and regenerate. At Safari Veterinary Care Center, we are proud to offer stem cell therapy services to our clients in Friendswood, TX, and the surrounding area. To learn more about stem cells, their application in animal health or the regenerative therapy services available at Safari Veterinary Care Center, visit or call our office and speak to a member of our expert health care team. At Safari Veterinary Care Center, we offer pet care with a difference to animals at all stages of life, from puppyhood and kittenhood onward. Let us join you in your commitment to your pet's health.

Is your pet coughing, trembling, behaving strangely, or displaying another concerning or unexpected medical symptom? Has your pet been injured or you suspect your animal may have ingested something he or she shouldn't have? If your pet is showing signs of a medical problem or you have any concerns about your pet's health, contact your veterinarian immediately for advice and guidance. If you need emergency veterinarian services, we can help. At Safari Veterinary Care Center, we are committed to meeting the highest standards in animal health care. For information about emergency veterinarian services in the Friendswood, TX, area, don't wait any longer to call Safari Veterinary Care Center.

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